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The Internet and world wide web can be a daunting, taunting, messy, viscous, and at times a pleasurable experience.

Our mission is to assist clients to have a pleasurable internet experience, combining user4 friendly web sites with common sense. Simplifying the Internet simply. Because if we can’t simplify it we don’t understand it ourselves DO WE !

With the latest in software, great innovative ideas and all that Google, Facebook and other up and coming sites like Pinterest have to offer. The Internet has a fast pace and it can be so easy and fun.

We hope to help you bridge the gap with eeze and affordability.

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Strategical Website Start-up Planning

We assist in planning your entry into the world wide web, from the start this is as important as the outcome as many mistakes are made from bad planning which can be costly later . More…

Marketing Planning and S.E.O Consulting

Establishing your needs and planning the effects and intensity of your website from the onset is crucial and needed to obtain success . Using all the means at your disposal including back links, online ads and More…

Financial Web Site Analysis

Assisting clients to establish what portion of the Budget should be spent on which area of the Online plunge.

To much on advertising and to little on product can be fatal, To little on advertising and too much on product just as drastic, high or low end website, Starter or Pro which way financially is viable More…

Website Development

In-house Directory Development and design of user friendly solutions to enhance the internet experience for niche markets with innovations in Maping and Directory services while designing and coding plugins for our own use and pushing the boundaries of WordPress coding design and responsive themes

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New Look Eeze Solutions website Released. New Hosting and Web Packages to be released soon.


The Cake-Directory celebrates 6 Months of successfully marketing and promoting the Cake Baking and Cake related Industry in web directory format.


Eezehost Celebrates a Year of Trading as a Web Hosting Company offering Joomla and WordPress Web Sites.


Eeze-wordpress launched as a web host dedicated to WordPress Hosting with massive savings and affordable options.

Websites For Sale


www.salessa.co.za (SOLD)


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