Services offered by the Eeze Solutions Group

  1. We at Eeze Solutions offer Built To Order Solutions.
    • We as the constructor build Solutions to the clients exact specifications, or when an incomplete product is sold to the Client with the assumption that the client would complete it on his own we offer the Hosting, Designing development and eventual Completion of such Projects.
    • We would prefer to assist the client from ground up when his dream is just a dream and build to order his dream. We have hosting, themes and the gears that are required to give the client a fully operational workable and user friendly website.
  2. Evaluation of cost implications
    • We offer various types of websites, be it e-commerce, blog, company presence, client portals, mobile sites, or specific niche websites.
    • Assistance from the get go on what your eventual goal would be and how to cost effectively integrate that with your initial start – up site
    • Choices of Leased or owned Domains, Ad Revenue Sharing for site maintenance updates and continues support.
    • We sell only the package you need upgradable at any time your website out grows the package initially sold without going to the exorbitant expense of having to move your website or look for a new more suitable hosting package elsewhere.
  3. We also offer BUILD YOUR OWN sites with a “Difference” we at eezesolutions will be there to assist and hold your hand till your website is fully operational.
  4. We offer FREE ! advice with reference not only to the best solutions available for your specific needs but also a vast amount of experience FREE ! , as to the “Do’s and Dont’s” of owning a website.
  5. We assist with affordable S.E.O Packages that don’t break the Bank and even offer a Free hosted SEO Panel  for those comfortable with playing around with there own SEO Register Here.
  6. 99% Up-time WordPress Web Hosting for your WordPress based website with Backup and security on Dell Servers.
    • WordPress Plugins
    • WordPress Advice
    • WordPress Tips and Tricks
  7. 99% Up-Time Joomla Web Hosting for your Joomla based website with Backup and security on Dell Servers.
    • Joomla Modules
    • Joomla Plugins
    • Joomla Themes
    • Joomla Tips and Tricks
  8. Affordable WordPress Themes from our Theme Harvest Site.
  9. Free Listings on our web directory site for Hosted Packages.  Test  it Here
  10. Banner Advertising that works @ affordable rates.
    • Banner Ads on all our affiliate sites located in South Africa giving you exposure where you need it.
    • Banner ads from our affiliate sites placed on your website with a higher than normal Revenue Share Sick of Google Ad Sendse Ads a lot of High End earning exposure for the advertiser and little if no return to the Website Owner?
  11. Turnkey E Commerce Platforms we will partner with you to ensure that your Shop Online works and creates the revenue needed by managing and assisting at every corner.

All you need do is Fill out this Easy Online questionnaire Here and a Consultant will call you to discuss your needs


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